The 6 best apps to play golf!

Updated: Apr 20

In this article, we are going to cover some of the best golf apps that are available to you that will improve your golf game. Hopefully, it will likely to stay on your phone for some time and you can finally get rid of the bad apps on your phone.

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Some say it’s the best golf app out there, with more than 500,000 downloads on Android alone (that’s a lot for golf, btw). The free version features GPS to track each shot you take on the course and the clubs you were using. It’s good data for personal improvement. It allows you to see the distance to the centre of the green.

What makes it stand out is the paid version. It will give you real-time distances on more than 40,000 courses. It basically acts like a seasoned caddie that you can’t live without.

You can zoom in on the full-colour-birds-eye-view map of the course or adjust the view for 3D display of the hole. What’s neat is that the app can give you on-the-spot club recommendations based on your lie. Talk about cool!

APP #2 Hole 19 – THE RUNNER UP

Our second favourite Golf GPS app is Hole19. Available for FREE on Apple and Android it offers a Premium stat-tracking function but, with one the best user-interface and intuitive stylish design.

With this app, you can view your distance, gets a bird’s eye satellite image of the course (crisp images) which allows you to clearly see the hazards and pretty much anything else on the course.

Hole19 also has one of the best-looking scorecards that looks professional and more importantly fun!

APP #3 Rules of golf 2019

Whether you’re new to golf, you want to settle an argument, or you’re teaching someone else, it’s useful to have a decent rulebook on your phone.

The R&A was only formed in 2004 but takes its name from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and is committed to supporting and promoting golf worldwide.

This straightforward app is packed with rules, definitions, tips on etiquette, and even has a quiz to test your knowledge. It’s updated regularly as long as you keep the app updated.


You can use this app as a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, and stat tracker. It also offers side games, rewards, and a lot of news about the golfing world.

You can even share rounds and compete for a spot on the leaderboard or find out about local events to compete in. It also supports both Apple Watch and Android Wear.

You will struggle to find more features in a free app. Spring for the premium membership at $5 per month and you’ll get access to discounts, advanced course data and stats, live weather information, and video lessons



TheGrint is a golf society, that is free to join. Golfers get a free Golf Handicap (USGA compliant) and GPS for a jaw-dropping 37,000+ courses worldwide upon joining.

It also features some of the best performance stats suite, Live Scoring, Matches / Games and much more…

What’s really cool is it helps you stay connected with your golf buddies. Get to see their Scores, engage with their golf pictures and maybe even trash-talk their game!


Formerly known as SwingxSwing – This is not a “trial” version with “limited-functionality” – it is free for life and extremely accurate, reliable and battery-efficient, rivalling any other golf GPS app or expensive golf GPS handheld or watch on the market!

This popular free app is a solid GPS rangefinder with thousands of golf courses in its database. It will help you with distances to the green on every hole and highlight obstacles to avoid satellite imagery.

It also works as a digital scorecard and keeps track of your handicap. If you want extras like wind speed and club recommendations you can subscribe for $4 per month.

There is also support for the Apple Watch, allowing you to check distances, pars, and scores on your wrist.

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